Friday, 21 September 2012

Flower Feedback: Three Rondavels 1 & 2

Again I received messages before I had time to blog!  The first message came from Celeste.  She and her family was there later on the same day we were there!  Thank you Celeste for reacting to the flower.

Hi there! Here is a pic of my 2 daughters at your flower at the 3 Rondawels. We are from Randfontein, Gauteng and are here on a family holiday.

The next message came from Kulani. 

Thats me,Kulani.I was at Three Rondavels exploring Mpumalanga places with my
Boyfriend Sipho,who took the photo, I had a great time in South Africa..Africa
is the best in tourism.

Thanks, Kulani and Celeste!


Anonymous said...

Its my greatest pleasure Ansie. Love what you are doing! Thanx for putting us on your blog. Kind Regards. Celeste

Stel said...

I love reading about the feedback, where the founder come from etc! And that they actually take time to respond - how nice of them all.