Monday, 10 September 2012

Flower Feedback: Franschoek 1 & 2

I thought no one is going to notice my flower at the Huguenot Museum in Franschoek. It is in a rather inconspicuous place behind the statue on the colonade.  But today I received not one but two messages from that very place!  I am so happy to see the flower is still there and that people react to it.

The first email is from Tracy Louw:

This morning I took my daughter to her school outing at the Huguenot museum in Franschhoek.  While the class was listening to a lecture about the monument, my 2 year old son took a walk behind the monument and went to sit on a bench to eat his lunch.  When I walked closer to take a photo of him, I was delighted and intrigued to see the pretty crocheted flower on the bench!  Thank you for making me smile today.  From one creative person to another.

The second message came from Jessica Dix

my name is Jessica and I'm from Dresden, Germany. This August I went to South Africa, together with my family. We stayed 3 weeks and one time we drove to the Huguenot Memorial Museum in Franschhoek. I found the flower together with my cousin (the boy next to me) and immediately decided to take a pic and send it to you. We had an amazing time in SA and I'm really looking forward to come back again. :)
All the best 

 One local visitor and one foreign visitor.
How cool is all of this?! 

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