I like:
To travel. Anywhere. Any time. If you want to treat me, buy me a ticket. Plane. Train. Boat...     
To make things.
Good, clever design.
Cooking - only when I don't HAVE to.
Learning about other cultures
Walking barefoot in the sand
Tuna sashimi
A tall G&T, or two

I don't like:
Excess  (can you tell I've been in Dubai for a bit too long?)
Disrespect. Towards people, property, culture
When people complain that they're bored.  Come on, there's a whole world out there.  Go do something!

I am:
born and raised South African, now living in Adelaide, South Australia.  
Afrikaans.  The language of my heart.
Left-handed.  It is an integral part of me.  I would have been a different person if I were right-handed.
Blessed with the best husband, 2 smart, funny boys and a darling girl
Worried I'll run out of time or money before I've seen all the places in the world I haven't been to yet

Have a look at this post, for 7 more random facts about me.

Why Sol y Sombra?  Here's and explanation.

Like my blog, I am a work in progress.  
If you want to know more, please send me an e-mail.  

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