Saturday, 30 June 2012

African Artifacts close-ups

Remember the African artifacts I told you about earlier?
They are all piled into a corner waiting to be packed. 
Here are some more close-ups.  

Crochet Experiments

I came upon this blog post by Creative Fidget a while ago via Pinterest. 

It made me think of the pile of t-shirt yarn I made ages ago and haven't used yet. 
(Now that I am packing I think of a lot of things I stash for later use....)

My experiment with crocheting a piece of t-shirt yarn into a spiral has produced this.  I tried different ways of  covering the yarn to expose it more or less.  I think if I alternate the color of the t-shirt yarn and the color of the crochet yarn, I might just get something interesting going here...

Now back to packing...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

On show in New York

For the very first time I have a piece of my own creation on display in an Art Exhibition.

If you are in the New York area, please go and have a look at this great show, 
curated by the very talented Joetta Maue
The show opened last night.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Checking in while Sorting out

Just to proof that I am not doing nothing...  
Just because I am not creating doesn't mean I'm not keeping my hands busy!

In preparation for the big move I'm sorting through the whole house. 
Purging, filing, cleaning, and all such constructive things. The moving company will do the actual packing but we have to sort everything and make sure they only pack the things we really want to (and are allowed to) take to Australia.

Lots of magazines staying behind.  I know this is really sad, but I've decided to go digital from now on.  Much kinder on the trees. And the storage space.

You can't pack candles, did you know?  They melt and make a big mess in the box.

My biggest achievement so far was to reduce a huge, and I mean really huge, pile of school books, artworks, reports, photos, etc into a neat filing system. I kept everything but without any system.  If it wasn't for Pinterest, I wouldn't even have known that it was possible to have a system.  Now I have a file per child per school year, each containing that year's photos, reports,  awards and samples of their art and written work. 
Really cool, if I say so myself.

The next challenge is my work space. Desk, sewing station and fabric stash. 
This is going to be a biggie...