Monday, 30 April 2012

Dubai in pictures 22

My husband took these photos yesterday.

Here he was in a client's office in the Trade Center area.  
Looking down Sheikh Zayed Road towards the south.

This was just before sunset, taking the dog for a walk behind our house.  We live on the edge of the city near Jebel Ali.  The townhouse complex where we live is surrounded by open veld/desert. 
The difference between the two photos is about 20km's.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Back from Austalia

After 3 weeks in the most beautiful Australia, it took me about a week to find my desert feet again.  But now I'm back and I'm glad you are still here!  

Thank you so much to Kathreen for her wonderful Australian guest post. I agree with her - the colors of the land are just so awesome. You have a beautiful country indeed.

We were about 4 days into our trip when I lost my camera... I am more sad about the photos I don't have than about the camera itself.  

So unfortunately there's no pictures of all the amazing colors, textures, details, art and architecture I saw.  We have loads of family pics from my husband's camera, but alas, they are not meant for this blog...

Apart from the lush green of the East Coast, the beautiful rolling hills of South Australia and the amazing red earth of the North West, the most enduring image I have of Australia is the amazing coastline and blue, blue ocean.

And the beach, of course.