Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bell jar

I was browsing through Pinterest this morning and came upon a few photos of tablescapes containing bell jars filled with all kinds of pretty things. I always loved those jars and when I found them on sale a few years ago, back in  Dubai, I bought two. They came without the wooden base I saw in most photos. Once I had them, I didn't really know what to do with them. Our house does not have little knick-knacks all over the place. We like open spaces and clean lines. So the jars sat on the buffet, with nothing in.

Inspired by my early morning Pinterest browsing, I decided to play with them this morning. I took one item from every room of the house and put it in one of the jars. This is the result. I still have a few things to learn about photographing reflective surfaces, and styling, but apart from that it was fun.

Entrance hall

Dining room*




Living room

Jandre's room

Stefan's room

Kid's bathroom

Anika's room

Main bedroom

Main bathroom

My studio/office


* art by my friend Natasja de Wet

Friday, 8 March 2013

Adelaide in Pictures 1: Dolphin Sanctuary

We spent a beautiful, cloudy morning at the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, exploring the mangroves and the shipwrecks. The sanctuary is in the Port River and Barker inlet, and although it is very close to the city and harbour, once you are on the water, you feel miles away from all civilization.

The water was perfectly still, with only the waterbirds and dolphins breaking the surface.

The sanctuary is also home to a 'shipwreck graveyard' which provides good habitat for fish and water birds. 

This shipwreck lies in very shallow water and provides a great photo opportunity. 
I paddled around the wreck and photographed it from all sides, but I think I still have a few things to learn about photographing from a kayak...

The bottle-nose dolphins came quite close, and although they didn't pay too much attention to us they were very aware of our presence. A few times they swam underneath the kayaks and came up right next to the one where my husband and daughter sat and watched her closely. It seemed like they knew she was only a small child.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Flower Feedback: Union Buildings 5

I just love it when I receive photos with long stories about travel and people and how we are all connected! 
This one from Judy Johnson of Canada:

We found your flower in Pretoria at the Union Buildings. We were there as part of a group of 8 from Abbotsford, British Columbia in Canada just starting our tour of Africa (South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls). It was September 24th - Heritage Day. There were some craft vendors set up but it was still quite quiet there.  Some people there were dressed in their ethnic dress. We talked to Jane and her family - then met her again later on in Church Square. She recognized us and greeted us as if we were old friends!

Visiting Africa had been on our 'Bucket List' for many years. Our tour guides were friends from here who had lived and worked in Africa for over 20 years. It was a marvelous way to see the countries - with people who love and know Africa. We had a marvelous time. From Johannesburg and Pretoria we went to Gabarone, Maun then on to safari at Pom Pom, Sango and Chobe. Our final days as a group together were spent at Victoria Falls. Our group tour finished there and my husband and I traveled back to South Africa and spent the last week in Cape Town and area. We're still going through photos - amazed at all we saw and did - and trying to narrow the photos down to a manageable number. (Think I've given up on that - I'm keeping them all!)

Love the idea that you're connecting with people from all over. All the best to you and your family and happy travels. (Have you been to Canada yet?)

No, Judy, I haven't. But it is on my 'bucket list' too.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful tour with us!

Flower Feedback: Witsand 8

Beverley sent me this beautiful picture.

She visited Witsand with her husband recently.
I am amazed at how well the flower survives the heat of the Kalahari Desert!