Saturday, 23 February 2013

Behind the scenes

Now that I have a day job, I sometimes feel like I am not getting as much creating done as I want to. But come to think of it, there are quite a few things in the works...


This is my home office/studio. It is a great space - private but open. It is on the upstairs landing next to our bedroom and it is just mine. It is almost organised and ready for big things to happen...

Some office candy...

While I was in South Africa back in May last year, I raided my mother's sewing cupboard and found a few vintage buttons. Some of them come from clothes I used to wear as a little girl. I don't have any specific plans for them yet, but then again, has that ever mattered? 

And that never ending knitting project I started way back when, is still going on. It was laying dormant for a few months but now that I take public transport to work every day, it has resurfaced. My commute to and from the office has been quite productive these last few weeks... 

Flower Feedback: Franschoek 13 & 14

This post makes the Franschoek flower officially my most famous flower!

The first pic comes from Roland van Vondel from Belville

The next message comes from Liz Hines from London

We were on holiday in Franschhoek last month and found your flower by the Huguenot monument. We had just rented some bicycles in the town and were at the start of a ride which took us on a loop through the Robertsvlei valley. It was  a lovely day and the scenery was fantastic followed by a very acceptable glass of Sauvignon Blanc at Mont Rochelle. This was our fourth visit to the Cape and our second time staying in Franschhoek, we love it there. It was particularly nice this time as for the whole time we were away, it was snowing in England.
Back in London now to work in the dark,cold and wet. Here's to the next visit!

I am humbled every time I receive a message. The fact that this flower can connect people from different sides of the world, amazes me every time. Thank you for finding joy in my flower, and for responding to my message. It means the world to me.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Yarnbombing in McLaren Vale

A few weeks ago, while the Tour Down Under cycle race was on in town, we went to Willunga, a small village in the McLaren Vale wine region, to watch the Tour pass through town.

We had a beautiful breakfast at the Organic Cafe, right on the sidewalk next to cycle route.

From there we walked through town up Old Willunga Hill where the race stage would end.

The whole town of Willunga were decorated with yarnbombing!

All the trees and most of the fences along the route were made up in yarn creations of every kind.

Some trees had decorated bicycles wedged between the branches.

Some of the artist stuck to simple colours 

and some went all out in as much colour as possible


Some of the bicycles, trees and and even shop doors were decorated with soft toys

The creativity was endless.

We walked up the hill on one side of the street and came back along the opposite side, so I could take photos of as many of the decorations as possible.

The yarnbombing initiative was organised and accomplished by the 
Make Do and Mend Craft Collective in McLaren Vale.

Look at all these toys on the bike!


Even Shrek and Spiderman was there!

I think I enjoyed the yarnbombing more than the actual race, although watching a peleton of cyclists zooming past at high speed is quiet exciting.

Flower Feedback: Malgas 6

I received an email from Dr Shake Seigel back in November, telling me about his trip on the Malgas pontoon, but he forgot to attach the photo. I emailed back, asking for the photo, and between his travels and my own hectic life, it is now two and a half months later, when I can at last add his story and picture.

Here is the photo of my wife Bitty Muller on the right in white T shirt with her sister, Mary from Cape Town.
We live in UK but are originally from Cape Town and were visiting on a holiday, driving to Mossel Bay the slow route!Regards

Thank you Dr Seigel!

Flower Feedback: Witsand 5, 6, 7

I received three messages from Witsand! 
Look at this beautiful pic from Francois Moller - very different from the freezing conditions we experienced.

We have been visiting the Witsand Nature reserve this weekend. We are staying in Postmasburg and were just looking to get out the house and for an opportunity to take some photos.

It was very hot and my wife did not want to walk up the hill with me. I had to prop the camera on the table to take the photo. The second photo was taken from the viewpoint towards the dunes.

Best regards

Francois Moller

My name is Christien Roelofs. I am living in the Netherlands and make right now a tour through South Africa. Started in Cape Town, then the Cederbergen, the Kalahari, the Groote Karoo, the Drakensbergen and via the Garden Route back to Cape Town from where we will return to the Netherlands. I am doing this trip together with my husband Ben Roelofs. The organisation, routing, bookings etc. of this trip is done by ourselves. The foto's are taken on February 6th 2013 at Witsand-Kalahari. A very nice and interesting place. A visit to this place is absolutely recommendable to everyone. We have visited Witsand -Kalahari on recommendation of friends.

With best regards and flower greetings

Wow, Christien, what a wonderful trip!

And this beautiful picture comes from Hanli Smit:

We also braved the summer heat and stopped at Witsand on our way to the Namibian desert.
My name is Hanli Smit and I live in Johannesburg.
I was on a road trip with my husband Steve Smit and my daughter Ruth Smit on the 24th of December I took this picture at sunset.

What great photos and wonderful stories. Thank you everyone!

Flower Feedback: Macmac 13

I am very glad to see the MacMac flower is still there! I received these pics from Gaenor who was celebrating her father's birthday with her family:

These pics were taken on a roadtrip we had for my dad’s 60th bday.  Around the 3rd/4th September 2012.

Gaenor Cairncross

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, Gaenor!

Flower Feedback: Franschoek 12

The messages are still coming in! This one comes from Dana Baer from America:

We saw your flower at the Huguenot Memorial in Franschhoek and wanted to send you the picture we took there.  Great idea!

My name is Dana Baer and I was at the memorial with my husband Andrew Baer on December 29th, 2012. Franschhoek was the first stop on our honeymoon! We live in Chicago, IL (USA) and spent two weeks touring around the great country of South Africa.  We had a great trip and just got back to the states this morning.

Have a great day,

Congratulations, Dana and Andrew.  What a great place to start your honeymoon!