Sunday, 10 February 2013

Yarnbombing in McLaren Vale

A few weeks ago, while the Tour Down Under cycle race was on in town, we went to Willunga, a small village in the McLaren Vale wine region, to watch the Tour pass through town.

We had a beautiful breakfast at the Organic Cafe, right on the sidewalk next to cycle route.

From there we walked through town up Old Willunga Hill where the race stage would end.

The whole town of Willunga were decorated with yarnbombing!

All the trees and most of the fences along the route were made up in yarn creations of every kind.

Some trees had decorated bicycles wedged between the branches.

Some of the artist stuck to simple colours 

and some went all out in as much colour as possible


Some of the bicycles, trees and and even shop doors were decorated with soft toys

The creativity was endless.

We walked up the hill on one side of the street and came back along the opposite side, so I could take photos of as many of the decorations as possible.

The yarnbombing initiative was organised and accomplished by the 
Make Do and Mend Craft Collective in McLaren Vale.

Look at all these toys on the bike!


Even Shrek and Spiderman was there!

I think I enjoyed the yarnbombing more than the actual race, although watching a peleton of cyclists zooming past at high speed is quiet exciting.

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Jodiebodie said...

Willunga is one of my favourite places. Have you ever been to the Farmer's Market and the Art & Craft Market? You will find a variety of hand-made goods, with a focus on eco-friendly materials.

The Tour Down Under had the city decorated with yarnbombed bicycles. Since you like yarnbombing AND cycling, I thought you might like to see the pictures by Bike Art Adelaide.

Have a look at their photos (link) on their facebook page:!/BikeArtAdelaide?fref=ts