Friday, 21 September 2012

African Flower Chain: Link 20

 Our trip was in it's last few days and we still wanted to see and do lots of things! On this specific day we stopped at many beautiful places and I left a few flowers along the way. This is a part of the country I use to visit often as a child but had not seen for many years. It was good to see it was still as beautiful and breathtaking as ever and that the viewpoints, places of attraction and sights were in good condition and well maintained.  

One thing that was different was the traders selling their goods everywhere. It seemed like most of these people come from the surrounding countries to sell their craft and handmade products.

We saw this man in the parking area at the Mac Mac  Falls. He was selling his wooden carvings. Some of them was really good, but this trip was for looking and experiencing, not buying...

..that was until I saw the hand printed table cloths with the nice African prints on them. Had to have one!

Flower 20 is at the lookout point above Mac Mac Falls. The Fall is 65m high and is named after the many Scottish miners who panned for gold in the river during the 1870's gold rush in the area.

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