Friday, 21 September 2012

African Flower Chain: Link 19

A while ago I told you about my mother who had to move house after my father passed away.  Before we started this trip I helped my mother pack their old house for the move to her new home. She decided to move to White River to live close to her sisters in the area where she grew up. 

(can you see me reflected in the window? ha-ha!)

Now it was time to visit her in her new home. We spent a wet and rainy weekend with her and the rest of the family. My uncle and aunt owns a fresh produce business with a roadside shop, or padstal, as it is known in Afrikaans.

I left my next flower on the gate of their Rooiploeg Kontrei Winkel. If you are in the area, go in and say Hi to my Mom for me. 

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