Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Flower Feedback: Great Brak River

Remember Val Marsh from Augrabies? I received another lovely email from her this week, this time from her home town, Great Brak River. She found my flower on the bridge and sent me a picture or her lovely daughter.

Hallo again,
Yippee, we found the flower on the wooden bridge at Die Eiland, Great Brak
River. That makes it two...the first was at Augrabies.
The pic is of my daughter Carly Marsh, who has just returned from Thailand
where she did a Dive Master Course. She'll be returning to the island of Koh
Tau at the end of the month to continue her diving.

My husband and I spent a great few weeks on Koh Tau in 1995. We were backpacking through South  East Asia back then. Oh, the glorious days before responsibilities...

So how great is it to mention Groot Brak (as we refer to it) and Koh Tau in one post? Two of my most favourite places in the world...

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