Wednesday, 19 September 2012

African Flower Chain: Link 17

From the Eastern Free State we followed the Van Reenen Pass down the escarpment into Natal. We passed the Sterkfontein Dam with it's hydro-electrical power station. 

I've been in Natal many times before but always on the coast or in the Drakensberg.  This time we passed through the highveld and the Battlefields of the north-eastern parts of the province.

Growing up in the 'old' South-Africa, my husband and I know the history of the Battlefields reasonably well. This is where Boer and Brit fought it out and also where the Voortrekkers had many battles with the Zulu's. 
Our children however, having been schooled internationally, missed all these history lessons. A stop at Bloedrivier, a memorial commemorating one of the major battles in Boer history, was therefore a must.  

I really recommend a trip to this site. It is very well maintained and very informative.  A new museum is being added to the site to commemorate the Zulu history. 

My flower is on the wooden bridge at the entrance to the memorial.

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