Sunday, 20 June 2010

Our bird family - new development

Remember our Bulbul family from way back in November? Well, I am happy to report that they came back, made a new nest and produced a new offspring!

This time they built their nest deep inside the bougainvilla bush at the back of the garden, where nobody could see or harm their baby. I watched them through the window carrying first their nest building material and later their baby's food into the bush.

Then on Friday we noticed the Young One out in the open. The parents let it out of the nest and away from the protection of the bougainvilla bush onto the ground. They hid it in a pile of leaves behind the water tank from where it jumped onto the handle bar of the bicycle next to the tank. It sat there for a long time. It looked as if it didn't know what to do next. It looked like the poor thing was really suffering from the heat. It was about 45C outside. The parents collected water dripping from the tap at the tank to drink but they never gave any to the baby while I was looking. The parents were very nervous and hovering around the baby. They wouldn't let any one close. I took these photos through the window as they got very upset when I opened the back door.

This morning they were gone. No Baby. No Mom or Dad. I hope they moved on to safer ground and that the little one is doing fine...


Margie Oomen said...

what lovely birds
you have a beautiful blog and thanks so much for visiting mine today.

kbd said...

there was a nest of robins near the entrance to my work this spring. In two or three short weeks the babies grew up, and one Monday they were gone. I can imagine that those first few days out the nest are stressful, but they must survive or we'd have no birds!