Monday, 9 November 2009

Our bird family - (sad) update

Saturday afternoon as we came home from a shopping trip, we found the baby bulbul on the ground beneath the tree. Thy mommy bird was frantic and very upset. She sat in the tree nearby, calling loudly to her baby.

At first we stayed clear to see what would happen, but after a while I couldn't stand their distress anymore and I decided to pick the baby bird up and put it back in it's nest.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday we didn't see any of the birds around and the nest seemed deserted. But I still hoped...

This morning I found the dead baby bird beneath the tree. I still don't know if it died from injuries sustainded from falling out of it's nest, or if the parents deserted it because I touched it. I hope it is not the latter...
We buried the dead bird under the tree.


kbd said...

oh, so sad... I think, unfortunately, nature takes its course whether we try to make it better ourselves or not.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, most birds don't have a sense of smell, so wouldn't be able to smell your scent on the baby bird.

Ansie said...


Thanks for sharing that - it does make me feel a little bit better!
How did you come across my blog?