Thursday, 27 October 2011

Project ABC: E is for Elephant

The Princess loves elephants.  It started when we went elephant riding in Thailand, and she got to hug and kiss an elephant.  It was reinforced when we went elephant riding in Nepal and she got to feed an elephant.
 For this exercise the Princess and I took all her elephants outside into the garden for a play date. 

 The red and stripey Ugandan Elephants were swinging from the tree branches 

while the Thai Silk Elephant was looking down from the bougainvillea,

and Grandma's hand knitted Mother and Baby elephants where hiding in the pot plants.

Only to come back for a hug from the Princess.

The Pink Rubber Elephant were hiding in the grasses,

only to be discovered by the Green Plastic Elephant!

The wooden Sri Lankan Elephants were hard at work in the woodpile, pushing logs as they were trained to do.

While the black Sri Lankan Elephant, was to grand to do any work and just struck a pose on the pedestal.

And best of all, the pink Princess Elephant was dancing around the garden, keeping everyone entertained.


Anonymous said...

waar's die ikea olifant

Ansie said...

Hy's 'n ou lui-gat! Hy wou nie saam speel nie...