Friday, 14 October 2011

Project ABC: B is for Bicycle

When I first wrote my list of words, the image which came to mind when I decided on Bicycle as my B-word, was something completely different from what I have now done.  I was thinking along the lines of using actual bicycle parts like a wheel rim or a gear sprocket to make something.  But seeing that I didn't have any bicycle parts lying around, and to go out looking for it would just take too much time, I changed my mind, as we women tend to do.

My brand new bicycle arrived this week, so I decided to personalize it a bit.  At first I planned something much more colourful, but when the bike arrived it was so beautifully white that I couldn't bring myself to detract from it's white awesomeness.

I decided on filet-crochet as a medium, firstly because I haven't tried it yet and secondly because it goes relatively fast.   

The words on the crochet piece says 'Ansie Dansie'. 
It is a nick name I acquired many years ago while on a camping holiday in Namibia with a group of friends. I don't see these friends very often as we live far apart these days, but it always bring back good memories when I talk to them and they call me that. 
 I hope this bicycle will bring back that same feeling of youthfulness and energy which I associate with the name and the memory.

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