Saturday, 22 October 2011

Craftland's Breast Cancer Support Sewathon

 I took part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Sew-a-Thon, organized by Craft Land this weekend.

As part of Breast Cancer awareness month this October, Craft Land, the local sewing-quilting-embroidery-yarn-shop-and-community, organized a 24-hour sew-a-thon where volunteers made support cushions and bags for women undergoing mastectomies and breast cancer surgery. 

 It will form part of a care-pack, put together by Well Woman Clinic which will be handed out to the women after surgery.

Women from all different backgrounds and nationalities took part, and it was a great honor to be surrounded by these wonderful women. 

Thank you to Riana, Jennifer and the rest of the staff at Craft Land who organized this event.

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