Saturday, 15 June 2013

Embroidery Magic

One of the treasures I found at Junktion yesterday: An Embroidery Magic binder filled with embroidery patterns.

The binder contains 120 (yes, really!) pattern sheets, each with a different design. The sheets are A3 size with a photo of the finished design on one side and the instructions on the other side.  

There is no information anywhere on the binder about the publisher or designer(s). 
I tried Google, but can't find anything either.
If you know anything about this folder (I think it is part of a series), please let me know. I am mystified..

Oh, and can I just add that I paid a full $2.00 for this file...


deeps said...

thats some magic there..

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am sure it is part of a series that you purchased from the newsagent every week. Great find for $2. Tessa