Saturday, 15 June 2013

Adelaide in Pictures 3: Junktion

In my pursuit of a place to join the Knitting in Public Week, I came upon this little gem of a shop in Marion.

Junktion is more than a shop though, it's a place where people meet, drink coffee, shop, share with the community and make friends.

The proprietor is a lovely woman called Pixi, who welcomed me into her shop like an old friend.

She describes Junktion as a Non profit Recycle store, but it feels more like a treasure trove filled with lots of clothes, household items, some furniture, books, lots of hand made stuff and... food.

The shop is delightfully decorated with all sorts of knitted and crocheted things to celebrate not only KIP-week but also International Yarnbombing Day which just happened to be this past week.

I went there to knit, but we talked so much, that between all the chatting and browsing, I didn't do any knitting!

I will have to go back for that...

So, if you are looking for a bargain, or a coffee, or a nice chat, or a piece of cake,

Junktion is the place to go.

Visit her Facebook page here.

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Anna Scott said...

That sounds like and amazing place - and just 'down the road' from me.