Saturday, 15 June 2013

Flower feedback: Franschoek 18

It seems Franschoek is the place for great love stories! 
Here's another beautiful story from Rumbi and Tristan.
This picture was taken way back in December 2012, but I only received it recently.

The love between Rumbi Goredema and Tristan Görgens took a little while to develop. They first met during Rumbi’s third year of school. She was taking a psychology class and he was the tutor. Despite Tristan’s valiant attempts to get the whole study group involved in discussion, Rumbi recalls that it “pretty much became a conversation between the two of us. With nineteen other undergrads there. Conventional start to a love story.”

Tristan and Rumbi lost touch for the next two years. They reconnected through work, as they both began working for an alumni association. Even though they saw each other at work every day, their romantic relationship was still slow to develop. Tristan remembers that “it was during the long meetings and period in between and after meetings that we could really get to know one another.” Over the months, they became good friends, and one day Rumbi got up the courage to ask Tristan out. She says, “Our first date was a disaster: neither of us was sure whether or not it was a date, and it dragged on for about six hours.” Even though the first date wasn’t great, they tried a few more times, and thanks to online chatting through their work, they finally connected. “We fell in love quickly after we started dating,“ recalls Tristan. This realization came when Rumbi left on a trip shortly after the two had gotten together, and they missed each other desperately.

According to Rumbi, “we’re a pair of homebodies” who spend most of their time at home. They both have jobs that keep them busy all day, so being at home is the perfect place for these two to relax at the end of the day and enjoy each other’s company. Although they have recently moved in together, Rumbi says, “I think as a couple, though, we like to create home within our relationship for each other.”

They both are very passionate about certain things, and love to have long talks out on the porch about current issues. Even with that, Tristan believes it is the balance between them that makes them work so well. “In some instances I am the impulsive and risk-taking one, and in others she will be the one who will stop me from dragging my heels and being too ponderous about decisions. And, perhaps most importantly, we are both intensely committed to one another’s happiness,” Tristan says.

Love can be hard to find. But the best love comes when you are not looking for it, like in a college study group, or at the office. In the end, it is the love that has taken its time that is the love that will last forever.

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