Sunday, 26 August 2012

Creatures big and small

One of the highlights of our trip is spotting all kinds of wild (and not so) wild life on the side of the road.  We passed through a few Nature Reserves and lots of farmland.  Everywhere teemed with life.  Obviously I couldn't photograph everything, but here are some those I managed to catch on film.

Eland in De Hoop Nature Reserve

Blesbok in the De Hoop Nature Reserve

We saw lots of Southern Right Whales all along the coast.  This time of year they come close to the coast to either mate or calf and the waters teem of them.  It is really difficult to photograph them as you never know where or when they are going to show themselves.

Cape Vulture on a power line pole next to the road.  There was two of them and they were keeping a close eye on the newborn lambs in the fields...

Sheep with lots of new (very vulnerable) lambs

A chameleon on the fence

An owl! In broad daylight.

We also saw lots of baboons, monkeys, mongoose, ground squirrels, foxes and a wide variety of birds.
We are still enjoying every minute of our road trip.  It is such a blessing to see all these beautiful things.

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Anonymous said...

Love that chameleon! So glad you guys are having a good trip and that your flower chain is eliciting responses.
Di's nou amper braai weer en ons soek ons bure vir wyn en geselskap.