Friday, 10 August 2012

African Flower Chain: Link 1

Snow. Not something I often associate with South Africa. But yesterday, we had snow in all 9 provinces of the country.  We received our rental camper in the snow and we arrived back in Pretoria in the snow.  What a way to start our trip!

We set off from Pretoria from where we followed the Magaliesberg Range to the west.  All the time with heavy cloud cover and cold.  Near Rustenburg we turned away from the mountain towards the south west. 

We passed Derby, Koster, Ventersdorp and arrived in Potchefstroom in the late afternoon. The countryside changed from Bushveld to Highveld. We saw different antelopes, a warthog, lots of ground squirrels and mongoose and a wide range of birds. It felt good to be back in this country.

We have a lot of family history in Potch.  My mother went to school and university there, my Mother-in-law grew up there, my father-in-law studied there and my husband did his army training there.

There are lots of stories to tell about the family and their history in the town and university, so it was appropriate to start my chain of flowers here. I tied my first flower to the street-name post on the corner of Gerrit Dekker and Steve Biko streets.

Gerrit Dekker was a professor of Afrikaans literature, and an author among many other things. Steve Biko was an anti-apartheid activist and founder of the Black Consciousness Movement. 

Let's see where this chain leads us. Are you following?

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