Monday, 13 August 2012

African Flower Chain: Link 2

After a two day stop-over in Klerksdorp to visit old school friends, we are back on the road.  

We took all the back roads which lead from the highveld of North West Province to the Kalahari of the Northern Cape. 

We passed farmland and quite a lot of mining activity on the way. We spent most of the day on the road and only reached the Witsand Nature Reserve at sunset.

We woke during the night from rain (and cold) and when we looked outside this morning there was ice everywhere!  The rain froze during the night. The officer at the Reserve told us they had never experienced this before.  Another cold first for us.

Two very common sites in this area:  Huge 'versamel voel' nests where many birds live together in a sort of 'apartment block' and Springbok.

I left my second flower at one of the lookout points in the reserve.

Have you seen it?


Stel said...

Wens ek was op jul roete om so blommetjie te sien!
Ysig koud. Mooiry, geniet jul toer.

liz valent said...

I have seen your flowers on the look out over the bands of grey and green acacias in front of the dunes. What a lovely colourful surprise it was. I will send details to you in a short while. Thank you for this gentle free present.

liz valent said...
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