Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December happenings

My work room is in it's Guest Room transformation at the moment, which means I have a great social life but very little work gets done around here!  We had friends from Pretoria visiting us last week and we are expecting more friends from Nairobi to arrive this weekend.

By the time Christmas Day arrives they will all have left and we will spent Christmas very quietly at home as a family.  No big family gatherings this year...

We even opted not to have a tree this year.  We are not the traditional tree type of people and I try to do something different every year.  Most of the time it does actually resemble a tree, but this time we are trying a fresh approach.  What do you think?

I had my birthday this past weekend, squeezed in between the two groups of friends, and I had a wonderful day with my family at the Aprons and Hammers Restaurant last Friday.  The weather is absolutely perfect this time of year so we really enjoyed our Al fresco seafood lunch.

Ever since I wrote this article about Mielie, I wanted to own a Mielie handbag.  Unfortunately I live far away from the lovely Mielie people down in Cape Town, so I just kept on admiring their work from afar.  Until last week.  I attended a gathering of the South African Women's Association here in Dubai and there was a lady selling Mielie products!  This bag had my name on it - I could not let it pass me by.  So I bought myself a Mielie birthday gift.  Isn't it gorgeous?

What does December look like where you are?


Stel said...

Oh beautiful! Everything woman should a Mielie-something :-) Got myself a rainbow stripe and it attracts attention whereever I go. Enjoy.
Like the Christmassy wall feature, a good idea. Cool colours for the desert?
Gese├źnde Kersfees!

Lisa said...

oh! Love the lack of tree! I LOVE the wall of baubles. My family would balk :(. The bag is very nice.