Saturday, 6 March 2010

Craft room / Guest room

The Craft blog had a feature over the last 2 months called Make Space for Crafting, where they showcased some well known crafters' studio spaces. If you missed it have a look at it here.

They inspired me to show of my craft space. I use our extra bedroom on the ground floor. In the beginning I used to say "I work in the guest room". These days, after some re-organizing, I say "the guests sleep in my work room."

This is the wall right next to the door.
Craft room: The table usually house my craft book collection, my sewing supplies and all the bits and pieces of the project I am currently working on. The shelf houses all the crafty bits like beads, floss, buttons,etc
Guest room: The table gets cleaned up and covered with a white cloth (to hide a multitude of 'stuff'). The shelf gets cleaned but otherwise stays as is. It will probably one day get a roll-down blind to cover all the bits and pieces.

The wall opposite the door:
Craft room: An Ikea table for the sewing machine and cutting mat. This is where most of the action takes place. The window gives lots of light and I have a view on the garden.
Guest room: The table gets dismantled and pushed underneath the bed. The sewing machine etc gets stowed under the first table behind the white cloth.

The third wall:
Craft room: The bed stands on its side against the wall with the ironing board in front and some fabric stash on top. Big Ikea bins with fabric stash fills the rest of the wall space.
Guest room: The bed comes down and the side tables and bedside lamps comes out of the cupboard. The plastic bins goes into the store room for the time being.

The Build-in cupboards and bathroom:
Craft room: The bathroom is usually full of all sorts of extra stuff like camping equipment and bicycles. (We don't have a garage...)
Guest room: The bathroom is cleared out and decked out with fluffy white towels and perfumed soaps.

It takes about two hours to do the change over. I spend most of this time to find temporary space for all the things I have to hide away.

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