Monday, 15 March 2010

More butterflies..

It seems like I have been bitten by the butterfly-bug...

I can do all sorts of arty-crafty things, but I have never painted on a canvas before, so over the weekend I convinced my son to show me how to use his acrylic paints. I copied a picture of a butterfly onto a canvas and painted it. It is hardly art, it felt more like a colouring-in excercise, but it was fun.

As you can see, I can't let anything be without poking a needle and thread into it.

I started embroidering on top of the painting to add some texture.
I am not really happy with the way it turned out - I think I should have used thicker floss or more textured thread. Unfortunately once you poke a hole into the canvas it stays there, so I can't really undo it now...

I think next time I'll use a waterbased paint, or something...

I got the idea of doing embroidery on top of a painted canvas from mimilove. Her work is absolutely stunning, and in a completely different league from everybody else.
Check it out here and here.

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