Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dubai in Pictures 7

Last week friday Dubai was hit by a serious sandstorm. We had sand everywhere! Sandstorms or shamals hit the city two or three times a year, usually during the change of season (from hot to very hot) but this one was extra severe.

On saturday, while we were still trying to rid ourselves of all the dust, it started raining. Now if you live in the UK or somewhere similar where rain is nothing out of the ordinary, you wouldn't think much of this. But this was our yearly rainfall all in one day. It turned the city from a dust bowl into a mudbath and then into a big lake. As we don't get a lot of rain there isn't much of a stormwater drainage system in place. Which causes a big problem once a year.

Now, a week later, most of the water has drained away and we are back to hot and dusty, until next year this time...


Martine DEQUIDT said...

the earth and weather are crazy everywhere ! Haïti, Chili, Dubaï, and even in France, where we are used to rain, there were very serious overflows i, with some dead persons.

mimilove forever said...

eeek! I like a bit o sunshine but don't think i could cope with that sort of heat rain dusty combo...there's no pleasing some people is there!? x;0)

Hope it's not affecting your beautiful creations! x