Thursday, 6 January 2011

Leaving 2010 with a bang!

Before 2011 runs away with us, let me show you how we spent our Christmas and New Year holiday.

We had a house full of South African family visiting us in Dubai. How wonderful to have a family Christmas holiday at home! Yes, after 6 years in Dubai, this is home. It was really special to share all the wonders of this city and country with our family.

we spoiled my in-laws (and ourselves) with a night at Bab Al Shams

and then when the rest of the family (my sister-in-law with her husband and 2 children and my brother) arrived, we spent 2 absolutely awesome days on a dhow in the Arabian Gulf

Christmas lunch around our dining room table was a heart-warming affair. It was the first time our dining room table was surrounded by 12 family members!

On the 26th we decided to reach new heights on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa,

after which we had an al fresco dinner on the promenade facing the fountain...

My in-laws left the next day, so the younger generation spend the day at Atlantis, the Palm

The day ended tired but happy with a beautiful view of Dubai from the Palm crescent.

And of course the year had to end away from all the glitz and glamour in the desert.

New Year's eve in the desert, around a camp-fire, with family. Can it get any better?

Only if you can watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks from the desert...

Happy New Year!!
May 2011 be a blessed and joyful affair

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Passionate Blogger said...

Wow! Fantastic holidays! Splendid city!