Saturday, 29 January 2011

knit 1, purl 1, lose 1

Another knitting exercise in colour-mixing.

This graph from my last blackwork experiment was still lying around, so I used it as a knitting pattern. With mixed results. The colour changing goes ok but I struggle to keep the tension consistent, especially right at the change-over.

And I dropped a stitch. Now I am wondering whether it is worth retrieving it or just abandon the exercise or start over?

In the mean time I will go and have some tea.


Anonymous said...

I am also just now trying this kind of knitting and am having similar results.
It would be easy to pick up that dropped stitch, don't you think?
I guess you have a picture of it and ,in my m ind, that makes it ok to frog it and start over.
This project idea reminds me of the Debbie New book where she did a knitted piece of her grandmother that was as big as a barn side!
I've also wanted to do something like this...

just outside new orleans

Jen said...

I love this project and am wondering where you got the pattern to do this.... taking a photo of a loved one and turning it into a knitting pattern.

Ansie said...

Jen, I'm gladd you like it. I imported a photo into a cross-stitch pattern software program and turned it into a diagram. I then used it as a knitting pattern. It's probably not very professional but it got me to where I wanted to go....