Tuesday, 11 January 2011


A South African friend of mine gave me a big bag full of 'stuff' she found in her late grandmother's belongings. She told me she thinks it is rubbish but maybe I would find some of it interesting. The bag contained a pile of old magazine clippings and pull-out patterns.

Crochet borders

and patterns

The Sarie Marais is/was an Afrikaans women's magazine. Today it is known as SARIE

STER (star) was a very popular family magazine when I was a child. I couldn't find any reference of it online, but I remember my dad worked for them when I was still small.

The bag also contained this biscuit tin.

Inside the tin I found lots of old recipe booklets,

Some embroidery remnants,

and lots of leftover yarn. It was a great find and definitely not rubbish by my standards!
Thanks Linda!

Sorting through everything and photographing all the interesting bits was a big job. Fortunately I had an assistant!


aykayem said...

wow! - what a treasure trove that lot was ... lucky you!

Anonymous said...

A definite treasure!
What a great friend!

just outside new orleans