Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why I love living in Dubai

Tonight we've been invited by our South African neighbours to a neighbourhood braai.  We were six families living next to, or across the street from each other.

We don't always hang out together, and we are not all close friends, but we greet in the street, the children play together and we look out for each other.

We were two South African families, one German-Danish family, one Lebanese family,

Two Indian families and one South African/Scottish-Russian family.

Our children are all more or less the same age and had a blast running and playing together, all communicating in English.

We had Hommus, Tabouleh, cucumbers and fresh bread for starters.

We ate lamb, boerewors and chicken with potato salad and broccoli salad for mains,

and we had Black Forest Cake and vanilla ice cream for desert.

We had lots of red wine, we talked about music, movies, raising children, travelling, Christmas traditions and sport.  We laughed a lot.
We never discussed politics or religion.  We never talked about how we are different because there are too many ways in which we are the same.
We had a wonderful evening. At home.

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molleemac said...

Sounds wonderful! Reminds me of my times abroad when friends become families and the world is a smaller and friendlier place. Crazy how we all are pretty much the same on a daily-getting-the-famil-by basis.