Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dubai in Pictures 12

On the way to school we have to pass this roadworks site where they are busy building a new fly-over. On the side of the round-about at the entrance to the site is this little guard-house. The man who works there has to direct the traffic when the big construction vehicles enter or exit the building site or when the construction workers have to cross the road. Most of the time he just stands there in the heat and dust.

Over the past month or two I have noticed that he decorates his little hut with all sorts of things, so last week I stopped and had a closer look.

On the barrier between the hut and the traffic is a wind-mill that he made out of discarded construction material

He added a window-box and filled it with a few plants. The poor things are covered with dust but it survives on love and TLC.

A mobile of the solar system, which he probably found where someone else discarded it, adds some colour to the windowscape.

Two origami tulips blooming in the flowerbox. No water needed...

A faded pink, and very dusty, rose hangs from the awning outside the entrance to the hut.

On the inside of the hut is this red heart and soft-toy hanging from the wall. The name inside the heart is the name of the company he works for. That's loyalty for you!

The view from the road.

On the backside of the hut is a 'window' cut-out in the wooden wall. Probably for some cross ventilation as there is no fan of AC in there.

A man has to put his feet up at least once a day!

And here he is: His name is Mansil and he comes from Bangladesh. He can not speak a lot of English so it was difficult to get the full story about all his decorations, but he was very pleased about the fact that I appreciated his attempt to beautify his surroundings. He posed proudly at his little hut and he shook my hand when I left.

I told him it gives me joy to drive past his hut everyday. He was pleased with that. Now, whenever I feel down or unsatisfied with my life I think about Mansil and how easy it is to add joy to your life, and in the process add joy to other people's lives too.


JafaBrit's Art said...

what a wonderful story, if you ever talk to him again let him know I LOVED seeing how he created a little joy in his place of work.

JafaBrit's Art said...

ps. I posted a link to this story on our jafagirl facebook page.