Friday, 30 April 2010

Embroidery Class 1

Remember I told you about the Embroidery classes I planned to do at my kids school? Well, I had the first lesson this past Wednesday.
I have 12 kids in the class - 10 girls and 2 boys. For the girls I made a butterfly design and for the boys a dragon design. One of the girls opted for the dragon too - fortunately I had an extra one.
None of the girls has done any embroidery before. Surprisingly both boys had some experience!

The classes are only 45 minutes and not an hour as I thought before, and boy, does that 45 minutes fly by!
I gave them a kit containing the design on a piece of linen, with a muslin backing, already framed in the hoop (don't you just love the brightly coloured hoops?), 2 needles and 10 different colours of pre-cut floss.
We started out by me showing them how to split the floss and thread the needle. That took some time...
Then I let them practice to push the needle through the fabric from both the front and the back. It takes some practice to aim the needle at a specific place if you can't see your hand behind the fabric.
Eventually we started with a running stitch... and then the time was up!

I sent the kit home with them to practice a little and to finish the line they started in class. Next week we will hopefully do some back stitching...

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