Saturday, 17 April 2010

Crochet confusion

The crochet soccer ball was coming along fine, or so I thought, until after 5 hexagons, the pattern wouldn't flow anymore. I was stuck. I changed the order of the colours a few times but I still got stuck at the same place.
So I decided to work it all out on paper first. A classic case of "when all else fails, read the instructions"! In this case it is more like "if all else fails, invent some instructions"

I made a few hexagons and pentagons on CAD, covered the soccer ball in it and started colouring. After a few tries I got the pattern to follow through all around the ball. The secret is that not all the hexagons are the same. In some of them the order of the colours are different. The pentagons also confused me for a while. The 3 colours are evenly spread over the hexagons, because of the 6 sides, but with the pentagons I ran into trouble. Only when I accepted that pentagon will have more of some colours than others, did the pattern work out

Now it is back to crocheting!

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