Monday, 12 April 2010

Art from Africa

My husband and his fishing-buddies went on their yearly Fishing Trip about a month ago. This time they went to Malindi, on the Kenyan Coast. They caught a lot of fish*, but came back with only tall stories, lots of photos and sunburn. And a gift or two..

The boys received t-shirts and I got a Masai-blanket, but the gift that stole the show is definately this painting Dad bought for his little girl. He bought it from a roadside artist in the town of Malindi.

I don't have any more information on the artist except for these photos my husband took of his studio/shop. The painting is not signed. The work is really good quality oil paint on canvas. He bought it unframed and we had it framed here in Dubai.

It now has pride of place in Anika's bedroom - and she loves it!

If you know anything more about this artist, please let me know.
*The fish were photographed and then tagged and released.

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Felix y Raquel said...

!Que maravillaaa!!!! me encanta el arte africano, no en vano tengo un hijo adoptado de ese continente