Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Soccer ball progress

I chose the fabric for my first ball a few weeks ago but I only got around to do something with it this morning. I chose the colours of the South African flag for the quilted ball and I found some great South African fabric at our new craftshop (more about that later).

Before I could cut it I had to figure out the placement of each colour to avoid having two of the same next to each other. It took a bit of trial and error to get that right. Firstly I printed the 2D configuration of the ball and started marking the colours on there, but that turned out to be very confusing as I couldn't keep track of which end fitted where. After a few mistrials I gave up!

In the end I went out and bought a soccerball so I could mark the colours directly on the ball. This worked much better and I now know where each block has to go.

Of course my sons think this is a complete waste of a perfectly good soccerball, but they'll just have to wait untill I finished ALL the balls I am planning before they can get their hands (and feet) on my soccerball...

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