Saturday, 23 January 2010

Design Indaba Superstars

Since 1995, Design Indaba has been committed to a vision that is built on the believe that creativity will fuel an economic revolution in South Africa.

This year the Design Indaba Superstars Competition is looking for 11 South Africans to make up a creative team.

The brief is to take a photo of yourself in profile and then fill in the profile in any creative way to showcase your individuality and creativeness.
This is what my entry looks like.

The judges will choose 10 winners on creativity and originality and the 11th winner will be chosen by popular vote.
What I now need from you as a reader is to go to the Superstar website and vote for me. Please.
Click on my photo to go to the voting page and then click on the stars to cast your vote.
I am one of only a very few entrants who uses needlecraft as a medium. I believe that it is a medium that needs more recognition in the art world. It is time for needlecraft to be elevated from it's humble place as a housewife's hobby to a fully accepted and recognised art medium.
I hope that my entry will not only receive votes from people who want to support me, but also from people who support the craft as a medium of expression.
Thank you for your support.


deary said...

this is FANTASTIC! i just voted, and i shared your blog entry on facebook for my friends to vote too. hope you don't mind! :D

mimilove forever said...

5 stars from me's magnificent work!

Ruth's Place said...

5 from me as well. Good luck!

Megan V said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I've been experimenting with patchwork back grounds and you've taken it to a new height. Good Luck!!!

futuregirl said...

Amazing and beautiful! I'm going to feature this on my Link Fest this Sunday! They've extended the voting until the 10th. Best of luck! :)