Friday, 8 January 2010

Through blogging I learned about


I am no photographer but I am excited about learning. Every new blogger will admit that the most daunting thing about blogging is learning to take quality photos. I am far to impatient to plan my photos properly and to take the time to get the lighting and background right. I just want to snap away and show off. Usually with terrible results.
But I am learning, and I have discovered that all the help I need is out there - usually for free...

Embroidery and needlecraft

I love needlework and I am not doing enough of it. This will definately have to change. I have been thinking a lot about the direction I want to go: craft market or fibre art? I am leaning towards fibre art... Let's see where this year takes me...

Creative bloggers

I have met some amazing people through blogging. With some of them I have made personal contact through email, comments, etc and others I have only met through reading their blogs and admiring their work. I am continually amazed at how generous everybody is with knowledge and how honest and respectful (almost) everybody is about each other's work.

Internet tools
It surprises me everyday how many free tools are available on the internet. Everything from photo-editing to blogging and drawing tools are out there and ready to use. In a future post I will tell more about the ones I use regularly.

In the next post I will look ahead at what 2010 has in store for me, my craft and this blog...

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