Sunday, 19 July 2009

Reversable baby bibs

As I was sorting through the children's clothes this past week, in preparation for our yearly holidays to South Africa, I realised that Baby doesn't have one proper bib left. The ones that we acquired when she was born has all done their bit of mopping up drool and is not fit for use any longer. Now, as we are living in a place where a child can go without a shirt for most of the day, it didn't really bother me. But now we are going to mid-winter where she will be wearing several layers of clothing AND we will not do washing everyday as we do at home - so we need new bibs.

A while ago when we moved Baby into her own room I threw out the hooded baby towels and the receiving blankets which she wasn't using anymore. I knew at the time it can be recycled into something else, but didn't know exactly what. Now, I had the perfect project for it.

I found a pattern for reversible bibs (via Craftzine) on Made by Petchy's blog. (Check it out, she is very creative!). I had to make it a bit bigger as Baby is not so small anymore, but otherwise it worked perfectly. It has towelling on one side and fleece on the other side. It will hopefully be absorbent enough to keep the holiday clothes clean and dry.

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