Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just when you thought life was getting boring...

...everything changes.

We came back from Australia and everything was as it always was. 

Then I got very good news:  My 'My daughter" piece was selected for a show in New York.  
Yes, NEW YORK.  My first. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement.

For the local scene I was preparing a new quilt to go into the Quilt Art 2012 exhibition here in Dubai.  I entered two existing pieces and one new (unfinished at the time) piece.

All still good.

Then my Dad got sick. I flew down to SA, spent some good time with him, left him to recover and came home.

Came back to the news that our contract in Dubai will finish soon and it is time to move on. We always knew it was coming, after all, we are expats, we don't stay in the same place for ever. But we thought it might last a bit longer...

While my head was filled with moving and relocating thoughts, my Dad passed away...

Now I am back from South Africa for the second time this month.  I am packing our house. I will go back to SA in July to help my mother pack her house. 
New horizons. For both of us.

But there's a new dawn on the horizon.  We are moving to Australia.  If all goes well we will settle in Adelaide. It's a small, beautiful, green city. Very different from Dubai. 

Life is still good.

(Oh, and the new quilt never made it to the show - still unfinished.)

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molleemac said...

Sorry to hear about your father, your family is in our prayers. And what an exciting life you lead! I am so inspired at your resilance and ability to craft through it all. 'course you know there are some very wonderful crafty ladies in Australia that I'm sure will be thrilled to have you "down under". Can hardly wait to read about your next adventures :)