Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stash-buster 2

The second stash-buster quilt is finished.  Another triangle quilt, this time pink.  I have one more blue one to finish, then we'll move on to something new.

Layering happens like this:
I put the backing fabric on the tiled floor and stick it down with masking-tape.
I then add the "batting".  For these quilts I used fleece blankets.  They are the perfect size, not to thick.. and very affordable.
The pieced layer comes on top.  When everything is smoothed down, I secure the three layers together with quilting safety-pins.
When everything is secured, I cut off the excess backing.  I leave a 5-10cm margin to accommodate any crawling.

The finished quilt.  I used straight stitching this time.  It went a lot faster, but I had more 'crawling' in the fabric.
I will try something new next time.

Some more IKEA backing.

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