Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stash-buster 1

Stash-buster No 1 is done.  
It was a bit of a trial blazer, as I tried out a few ideas, but I think it turned out okay.

I didn't do a lot of planning for this one, I just cut a pile of blocks and started working.  
The triangles were cut years ago and ended up back in the stash box unused, so I started with those and just added more blocks to make up a small single blanket.

 It was the first time I tried machine-quilting.  
I like hand-quilting more, but I just don't have the time to work my way through all the stash by hand.  
I am very impressed with my very basic bottom-of-the-range Brother sewing machine - I think it did a great job.  
I used a variegated quilt-thread, which I like a lot - I think I'll stick with that for the following quilts too.

(Look how nicely the afternoon sun shines on my work space...)

I have already pieced the tops of the next two quilts, but I think I will change the quilting slightly.  
On this one I quilted around every block.  It took forever and it involved a lot of turning the whole blanket around while in the machine.  Not the perfect situation with my machine. Oh, and working away the loose ends! On the next one I will only do straight lines...

The back of the quilt is from IKEA.  I bought a whole roll a few years ago to use as table cloths for a party.  I am still trying work it all away...  I think I have enough to back ALL the stash-buster quilts I still plan to make.

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