Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Souks

Two years ago I met Mignon at the Decorex Show in Johannesburg.  She is visiting Dubai at the moment with 3 friends and I showed them around the old part of town this morning.

The nice thing about having visitors is that I get to visit those parts of Dubai which isn't part of my everyday life, like the souks.

I know part of it is a tourist trap, but the most part is really interesting, colourful and good fun.

Look at these silk scarves.  Above as they are packaged, all twisted up in little plaits, and below unwrapped and gorgeous.

An embroidered umbrella,

a few ottomans,

some colourful shirts,

and awesome fabrics.

A quiet corner.

Bags of liquorice (on the right) and some other unknown woody spice (on the left) from Pakistan

According to our very helpful shop assistant these pods contain seeds which, when consumed after being soaked in water for 20 minutes, will give your man a "strong machine", 

And if that fails, you can always try these packages.  'One for Papa and one for Mama'.

Or you can just settle for a cup of beautifully packaged tea...

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