Sunday, 20 March 2011

Watamu - Kenya

Watamu is a small village about 140km north of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya.
Turtle Bay is a 7km stretch of pure white beach and part of the Watamu Marine National Park.

We spent 4 days at the Turtle Bay Beach Club at the beginning of March. The boys (dad & sons) went deep sea fishing for 2 days while us girls (mom & daughter) whiled away the day on the beach and in the pool.

The beach was a treasure trove. So many things to look at, touch and play with...

It is also a busy trading place with kikoy and kanga sellers displaying their colourful wares all along the beach. They didn't need much convincing here...

Remember this picture? We paid a visit to the same artist and again Moody did good business.

How can you not fall in love with a picture like this?

Further down the road another 'gallery' displayed these statues. It is made from the bottom part of a palm tree stump. The hair is the roots of the tree. How cool is that?

The Watumu village is a delight. The streets are lined with small shops, eateries, galleries and informal traders.

These mango sellers was stationed outside the Malindi Airport. Don't you just love the packaging? Quite a few people bought some mangoes to take on the plane back to Nairobi. It went into the cargo hold and came out on the otherside in perfect condition!

Africa won't be Africa without a Landy in a state of disrepair...

Kilimanjaro was beckoning on the flight back to Nairobi... maybe next time...

What's a girl to do when there's so much free time on a plane?

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