Monday, 29 April 2013

Recycled blanket

Many years ago my mother knitted a blanket for our home. 
It was huge and multi-coloured and full of love and hard work. Over the years this blanket was used for picnics, for lounge forts and garden tents and for keeping us warm by a camp fire.

But as life happened on and around this blanket, it collected it's fair share of scars and wounds. In the end, it just didn't look good any more. It was time to be upcycled and recycled into something new.

Over the past month I seperated all the blocks, sorted them by colour and reassembled them with crochet borders into three seperate, smaller blankets.

Now every child has his and her own blanket, knitted by Gran and crocheted by Mom.

Blue for Jandre,

pink for Anika,

and green for Stefan.

Ready for the next round of forts, picnics and campfires..


Ellaine said...

What a beautiful way to pass on these blankets in your family!

Stel said...

'n Goeie plan!

Annette said...

Wat 'n wonderlike gedagte en idee.Pragtig!

Gerlene said...

Prysloos! So kosbaar!