Thursday, 4 October 2012

Of Beginnings and Endings and the little things inbetween

We left Dubai in July, we traveled through South Africa in August 
and we arrived in Adelaide in September.
We've been living out of our suitcases for almost three months now.

During the past three months we have said "Goodbye", we have said "How nice to see you again" and we have said "Please to meet you". Our four year old has met more new people in the past 3 months than she had met in the previous three years. No more shyness: Every new person is a potential new friend.

We are in the process of settling into a new country. In the past few weeks we have applied for bank accounts, tax numbers, medical aid and driver's licences. We have looked for and found a school, a house and a church. We have made a few new friends, visited a few new shops and figured out our way around a new city.

If all goes well, we will unpack our belongings next week and we will begin to turn our house into a home. And we will turn a new city and a new country into our city and our country.

Life is good.
We are blessed.

(leaves photographed in the Singapore Botanical Gardens)

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Pigtails said...

Baie mooi posting Ansie, dit wys sommer jou mooi hart deur elke woord en foto. Hoop alles gaan voor d wind vir julle. Xxxx