Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chocolates and Movies

The big project I am working on lately (and which is keeping from doing much else) 
looks like this:

I am participating in the Chocol'Art - At the Movies art event 
which takes place in Dubai on 30 March 2012.

The theme is Chocolates and Movies and includes fashion, jewelry, street art, performance art, graffiti and lots more.  It promises to be a great event.  Al the art work will be auctioned off  in aid of Make a Wish Foundation and Gulf for Good.  

I am making a quilt, depicting the face of Marilyn Monroe (as originally painted by Andy Warhol). It is mainly made up of fabric but some of the hair and the eye make-up is made from chocolate wrappers.

I have just finished the top layer of the quilt.  It measures 2m x 2m.  This week I have to layer it and do the actual quilt stitching.  I am quilting by hand...

The back of the quilt layer.  See how the chocolate papers are backed with iron-on interfacing to make it a bit stronger.

So far so good...

If you live in Dubai and are interested in buying tickets for the event, please contact me.


molleemac said...

Wow! Very impressive! Wish I lived closer I would definately come enjoy some chocolate and art.

kbd said...

holy ... ! That is amazing. And beautiful! I'm so impressed!

kbd said...

Holy ... ! I am gobsmacked! What beautiful work.