Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Camping in Oman

When most people think of the Middle East, this is not what comes to mind:

But this is exactly what we experienced this past weekend. We spent 4 days camping off the east coast of Oman. Oman is part of the Arabian Peninsula and borders on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It is one of only a few unspoiled coastlines left on this planet. We were 6 families camping on this glorious beach with not another soul to be seen for the entire weekend.

The weekend consisted of swimming and body surfing during high tide and playing in the rock pools during low tide. The boys (old and young) fished from the beach or from the kayak, and the rest of the time we just lazed around. Life could not be more perfect even if it tried.

The fact that it is about 10 hours drive across the desert to get there, makes it even more special...

I mean, when was the last time you had to stop for a camel crossing the road?


Tally said...

Since I love travelling and the desert and the ocean I enjoyed reading your post.
Will have a closer look later into your interesting blog.
Hello from Hamburg

LethaColleen said...

I really loved the photo of the rock formations on the beach...beautiful.

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