Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Flower Feedback: Franschoek 5, 6 & 7

Whoo-hoo! THREE messages from Franschoek!

My friend and I came across your flower and I've attached a picture of us. I'm Tamsyn Jethro (left) and my friend is Fahtiema Ohlson (right) both from Cape Town. We met at work two years ago and became firm friends. We share spontaneity and a love for our province. We've done the Route 62 and Garden Route trip together.

When we both moved to other jobs, seeing each other became difficult. So we planned a 'reunion' date and nothing was more fitting than a road trip. So we followed the road signs and found Franschoek and your flower. Really amazing. 
Regards Tamsyn

What a great story.  Road trips are the best.

We escaped to Franschoek on a relaxing weekend getaway. It was a beautiful, warm day. We ran for shade and that is when we discovered your flower. Happy Spring!!
M Raath

We currently reside in Port Elizabeth. We were on a family holiday and sight seeing trip. I am originally from Cape Town but my boys had never been (not what they can recall, that is!) Jarryd, the fairer of the two is 13. Chad, on the right, turned 12 in Cape Town.
Tanya Cuthbertson

Happy birthday Chad!

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