Monday, 16 January 2012


Bastikya is one of my favourite parts of the city.  Unfortunately it is on the opposite side of town from where I live and not somewhere I can just pop into whenever I feel like it.  I have to have a reason to go there and plan a trip to that side of town.  Usually I go there to show visitors around, but yesterday I went there on my own, and what a good morning that was!

The Majlis Gallery is one of the friendliest spaces in the Bastikya and it's always a pleasure to visit. Last year I attended an exhibition by Stephen Meakin and was really bowled over by the intricacy of his work and his attention to detail.  He conducted a workshop back then which I really wanted to attend but couldn't, so when heard he's coming back to town for more workshops in March I had to book immediately.

After my visit to the gallery I popped over to the Dubai Litfest's beautiful new space just around the corner from the gallery to book my tickets for the upcoming Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.  What a friendly space and people.  It was a pleasure to visit them. 

I concluded my outing with a coffee at the Basta Art Cafe.  To sit in a traditional courtyard, under an indigenous tree, enjoying an Arabic coffee on a weekday morning is just about the best me-time there is.

With my culture-tank filled up, I am ready for the week.

Have a great one!

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CMR said...

Love this part of town too - mean to take a camera down there, never do!!